Saturday, May 22, 2010

Photos from Germany II

Al Salam Alaykom,
Well, today I picked a couple of photos up from my virtual urn –The file which contains the milestones photos- and I’ll comment some aspects.
Primo, I’m going to show you something in Germany that you may come across in Algeria, especially in the "Dog Days"*, but in a very different decor.
Below, you can see, clearly, a man and his wife undressing their children to take a swim in a fountain. Thanks god! We are not the only folks on earth who swim in the fountains :p


The contrast between our way and theirs are:
  • -Our fountains are Magical, in Arabic (an atypical translation of the Idiom: بالعربية, which means: In clear words), you jump into the water a human being and get out of it a human being an amphibian with a prickly heat*. You can never imagine how many frog, dragonfly or any other insect did spawn in the blurry water, as you cannot count the number of the naughty brats who p*ssed there. While theirs, I guess you can drink from or get lucky and grab a couple of money coins :p (Exaggerating ? Maybe!)
For reasons of morality I had to cover up the quasi-naked kid, I don’t want his friends to blackmail him later or post his photos naked on facebook after 10 years:p hehe

  • The same as my previous post, we see no one staring at them- except the little girl on the left who’s saying “Darn, why did I forget my swimsuit?!!”-. They are too chilled out and natural.
  • Another thing to point in this photo is, the parents themselves are watching over the children. And for their safety, they brought even “water wings”* !In the other hand, ‘chez nous’ the kids who go to such places are brave enough to go without their parents’ consent. Seriously, we ought to look after the kids nowadays more than any time ago. Things are getting worse: More cars on the roads –considering also the driving licenses brought illegally-, more harassments and psychopaths who may do anything to them. What we read in the newspapers is horrible: kidnappings, rapes, torture and go on.

Secundo, and in the same context, we see above two women waiting for something-or someone :p- to come, while a kid is on the sewer’ metallic cover, which is supposed to be the dirtiest spot in the street (the foul water or liquids, bad odors and maybe toxic gases -NH3 especially! Hehehe, hope you know why-, plus all the cars and the pedestrians who step on all the day). But, I ignore completely what do the Germans diffuse in their drain pipes to let their children recline on it! I need an answer here…

En tercer lugar, I liked this photo which reflects the concern of the Germans about environment and their tendency to play it green. While seeing it I laughed out loud (I don’t ‘LOL’, I laugh out loud , I’ hehehe’ or I ‘hahaha’. This ‘lol’ and ‘mdr’ screwed the beauty of the languages and …and…em…I guess It inspires me for another post. Hehehe *Evil laugh*), don’t they, Germans, have something called “Der Schwarzwald”*?! Didn’t they have plenty of green spaces and fields all around the country?! Back to Algeria, where the Sahara is crawling to the north in a dreadful silent pace, we hear, scarcely, of plating initiatives or sensitization campaigns. I don’t even dare to mention planting the roofs as in this scenery. I see a huge cultural gap between the two countries. Why don’t we give a heck about nature and environment? I think, it’s a matter of education, It’s something we grow with, learn in the schools and in the dwellings. Imagine our schools organizing outdoor excursions, where each kid plants and labels the tree by his name. After years, the same kid will come across his plant and beholds it. He’ll see his positive impact and footprint on life’s track. Our prophet Mohammad (BPUH) told us that if someone is living the end of the world and have a plant in his hand, he should plant it.
عن أنسٍ رضيَ الله عنه عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال:[ إِنْ قَامَتْ السَّاعَةُ وَفي ِيَدِ أَحَدِكُمْ فَسِيلَةٌ ،فَإِنْ اسْتَطَاعَ أَنْ لَا يَقُومَ حَتَّى يَغْرِسَهَا؛ فَلْيَغْرِسْها ].
Even if you know that life ended already, don’t give up doing this! Now, you can picture how important and vital this act is.  I Hope these words reach a hearing ears.

Finally, I don’t type these scrambled lines, to glorify them and belittle ourselves. I do write to know how much work we need to make this country -jinxed by its own strength and fortune- rise from anew. We are the hope and the tomorrow, and we can do nothing without unity, that’s why I call for a massive engagement in making the development wheel spin in the right direction and faster.
I have faith, hope and conviction that we still have time to make a change, and this change starts by oneself. Gandhi said: ”Be the change you wish to see in the world”, and the imam ibn taymiyah said:”My paradise is in my chest; my imprisoning is my seclusion; my exile is my tourism….”.

* "Dog Days": n. heat wave, period of hot days between July and September ("Dog Days" of July and August).(Ar): قيظ ، حر الصيف ; (Fr): La canicule
* “prickly heat”: skin disease which causes itching and inflammation; (Ar): طفح جلدي ;(Fr): éruption cutanée.
*“water wings” : Buoy ; (Fr) : Bouée
* “Der Schwarzwald”: the German name of the Black Forest, region in the south-western Germany which is mountainous and forested. It’s called black because of the darkness inside, due to the condensed trees


  1. Yeah we shouldn't be swimming in fontains.. mmmm... probably because we don't have any, or we do but they only work for a while just before and after some big ****** (you know what I mean) visits the city because only those who can and have the right to enjoy the view, something different than the colorful plastic bags..

    When you talked about NH3 you reminded me of how wonderful was my 9 months smelling it every afternoon in the classroom ! such a good smell to refresh your mind and very helpful for catching up the lessons ! I miss NH3 xD

    Finally, we all have hopes and dreams and expectations specially with what we have here, and it's such a shame to not pay attention and the right appreciation to our country.

  2. @ Seifo:
    Yeah, for ******’s sake they do paint only the façade of a building that face him. I wonder if he stops visiting the cities, what will happen??

    Nice to see people with hope around. We, all, know what’s happening, how bad the situation is, etc. but, few amongst us propose solution or think about one, at last. “Any clod can have the facts, but having an opinion is an art.” ;-)

  3. call me pessimist if you like, but i have already given up on this country! it's no use comparing us to them, way ahead of us! if you want a change, bring new people!

  4. @ elbarhoum :
    I won’t call you names, be sure :p
    Well, I disagree! We try not to follow them; we ought to make it on our way, like our ancestors did. In the other hand, I do believe in the change of people as a part of the eventual improvements- because, the same men in the same places won’t bring something new-, but not bringing another one.
    Allah ordered Jews to go in the desert for 40 years, why? It’s because the undisciplined generation is already infected by the virus of disobedience, and a real change won’t come before another brand new generation comes.
    This topic is way too complex that can’t talk about in one comment. But, I’ll talk about it later on, in Shaa Allah.

  5. @schneller zyber:
    first of all, i want you to know that i admire your positivity, i do.
    but let me ask you something: do you agree with me or not that the most important factor for new generations to change is education? after giving it some thinking, you can see clearly that generations to come are not going to change, unless there is some sort of law that bans ignorant and uneducated people, from having children, and even from having any contact with them, and thus contaminating them, otherwise we're back at square one.
    i entirely agree with you that the same people in the same place do not change, and new generations will be affected by the old ones, hence the suggestion!
    and last but not least, good luck for you in your exams!!
    sincerely yours.

  6. the internet is awesome for anonymously being able to look at naked kids,those nude sites show them in swimming pools and stuff,i love their bald little cunts,6 years old and upwards is the stuff I search for.society is fighting a losing battle against glad aswell.....ha!