Sunday, March 14, 2010

The beginning...

Got insomniac, nothing could put me to sleep after a strong cup of cold tea (forgot it on the cold floor) O_o. Over years, I spent most of my time on the internet, surfing, reading, wandering from forum to forum like a bee, and especially interacting. I hate lurking*, which is too passive in such active world. My regret is, I mingled with different kinds of people in different corners of the web sphere, but couldn’t stay in touch with. Discussed hundred of topics & developed endless threads, but lost track of them.
Ideas flow though my neurons like a crazy flood, and by just talking they are, in best cases, heard and forgotten. But, writing is another thing. It’s anchoring them on the shore of time.
From now on, I’m goin’ to chain what I can on this pole, and pin what I can on this board.
Hope to see you soon…

*lurk: (Internet) be a passive participant in a discussion group (read other people's messages without adding one's own comments)