Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photos from Germany III

One of the most important virtues in a community  is RESPECT, this good quality  strengthens the links betweens fellow citizens and helps making life in that society better. One should have respect for humans, animals and plants.

This time, I’ve picked four milestone photos from my urn up, and as you’ll see,  we have  two situations that show respect.
The photo below shows a “Rauchen ist verboten” ( It means “No smoking” ) sign pasted on the building’s chimney. Until now, nothing is uncommon. But, Behold! It’s an open space – The roof of one of Frankfurt’s skyscrapers-, notwithstanding, they banned smoking. It’s a high level of respect, respect for both of nature and humanity. Europeans are pioneers in this field- USA & Canada too-, and the laws prohibiting smoking in Public areas are a good example, but it shouldn’t be the end, they ought to carry on banning this poison everywhere. Personally, those who call for letting some smoking zones are calling for something too absurd that one’s intellect cannot approve. I couldn’t find a better metaphor for this context than this quote.
Someone – Hachakoum -said:
A smoking section in a restaurant is like a peeing section in a pool.

 kein Rauchen

Now, let’s imagine this in Algeria :p I bet that you’ll find someone smoking and sitting right under the sign. It’s like he interpreted it as the order: “Smoke here!”. someone who went to Paris told me that he smoked in Eiffel Tower, while bragging about it!

kein Rauchen2
A friend of mine is allergic to smoke,he gets a red eyes when exposed to it. He told me that one day he' was sitting and another guy came and sat right besides him  holding a cigarette. He asked him to keep it away. The guys answered: “If you don’t like, go and don’t sit here!”. The guys is acting like my friend is the offender. He remembered me of what Wendy Liebman’s quote:
“People always come up to me and say that my
smoking is bothering them... Well, it's killing me!”
hehehe,  hilarious, but true. Many smokers think this way.
That was the first manifestation of respect.

Let’s turn the first page of the article and pass to the next one. In the Photo below, we see a bulldozer in the middle of the road. Obviously, there’s work out there. But, the question is : where is the debris ? The loads of sand and stuff? I can see nothing, and it makes me believe that it’s a road’ sweeper!
We see also the smoothness of the traffic. The car is rolling as a fish in its aquarium. In the other hand (or foot :p ), in Algeria you’ll see a mess in the middle of a byway, and sometimes, for months, just because they are repairing the water leakage. Let us not talk about the Metro and Tramway…it’s  a long story!


We see how they do respect the people , the city and the ground itself. 
As illustrated below, the lever in the middle of the street while life goes on without a trouble. It’s totally clean and well organized. I’m picturing how will it look like when they clean the site after the task is done! I can’t see it cleaner.


In the end, I really want to see such circumstance in out country. Pay and give more attention to the human being as the ultimate source of strength and development, and not make materialistic sources so sacred as they are.
Ayya weew ;-) -- hathi fi khater Zakirovsky sec --

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  1. bderrahim abdou.May 26, 2010 at 6:29 PM

    This is the difference between them and us; they respect thier citizens because they respect the contract for which they have elected them; and they know that the no one is outlow and if they didn't success in thir task, surely they will dismissed.
    In one world the reason of their political exsistence is under the control of their citizens, which is completely the opposit in our countries.
    In our countries the last thing the "eterneal political" pay attention ,is the respect of the citizens.