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#TEDxAlger - An Insider’s notepad scratches–(MR. Abdelhakim BENSAOULA)

Continuing the #TEDxAlger articles’ series concerning the TEDx held in the Higher School of Computer Science E.S.I. (ex: I.N.I.), Algiers.

Zaki the host introduced to us someone; he called him “The Violin’s little man”. This young musician was no one but a student from the very same College where the event took place.

11H12: The student started playing some music.
11H15: Music stopped
As aforesaid in the first #TEDxAlger blog entry, the TEDx Day was divided into 4 themes, 3 speakers per each theme. As Mr. Mustapha FERFARA (The stock exchange’ guy) couldn’t come due to his work, there were only 2 speakers for the “Entreprendre en Algerie” part. After the music break, they passed to the next topic “Entreprise et Tech” (Business and Tech).
II. Entreprise et Tech (Business and Tech)
                 1. Abdelhakim BENSAOULA
Holder of many patents, some of them within projects with: NASA, NSF, US-AF and US-NAVY, Mr. Abdelhakim BENSAOULA is a Houston university graduate and he’s, actually, a professor at Aboubakr Belkaid university, Telemcen.

- He studied Science and materials.
- During his studies, he started working with special people (he didn’t mention who are these SPECIAL People!), who design toys (I guess weapons or something like that, ‘cause he didn’t mention what’s these toys are, either!). One day he had to visit a partner company that has a good reputation in its field. These people’ job is designing TOYS and work on a prototype; afterwards they sell it to large companies for the mass production. He said:
“When I followed the address, I was expecting the headquarters to be a big structure or a skyscraper. But, I was shocked! It was just a 200m2 flat. There weren’t many people there on the staff, Just 3 researchers and an assistant. This company has a turnover of tens of million dollars, simply because they have the knowhow! They have no stock, their job is: idea --> conception --> prototype; this is the real Entrepreneurship”
- He said, aloso:
“Afterwards, I got my diploma; But, I have never stopped studies”
11H21: Entreprise (Business)
- To be a successful entrepreneur:
· Never fear risks; have the initiative spirit, but say patient; see opportunities where people see impossibilities; hate routine; break the rules and swim against the stream.
· You can either satisfy a need in the market or just create a new one.
· Know 50% and learn the remaining 50%.

-Many successful businessmen have been asked: “what was the problem for you?”, they answered: “if I had just more time, I could do a lot more”. Hence, it’s not money the big issue in the success equation, but it’s TIME.
- The main scheme for a student to concretize his business is as follows:
Idea --> Team-->Share ambitions --> work on the idea -->Business plan--> fix any problem found--> launch your business with less money!
- Most of the largest Technology companies started with a budget of less than $2000!
- Take risks, there lies disguised opportunities. (I add something on this. I don’t know if you ever read Napoleon Hill’s books, ‘cause if you really want to think like successful business Gurus, I, strongly, recommend to you: “Positive Mental attitude” and “think and grow rich”. Besides taking risks and having faith, the thing all successful men through history’s pages had, is: “Something more”. I recall the story of an engineer –circa early 20th century-who created an instrument to detect Oil in earth’ depths. He tried to sell it to Oil companies but they all refused it. During his journey back from Texas to his home town –Philadelphia if I’m not mistaken- he had to switch the train in Oklahoma. There something strange happened, his instrument started acting weird, and since he was frustrated and angry he took it and smashed it into pieces. A couple of months later, the Top news were: Large Oil fields discovered in Oklahoma!!! He just didn’t give it the last push. )
- He said:
“Take care of your dreams and they’ll take care of your later.”
11H30: Mr. Abdelhakim BENSAOULA left the stage

I’m done with the third speaker (Mr. Abdelhakim BENSAOULA). I’ll go for the next one (Mm. fadhila BRAHIMI) to-morrow in shaa Allah.
Peace out,

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  1. Such a great review, bravo!

    I also noticed that Abdelhakim Bensaoula didn't mention what does this company do exactly ! If a company in Algeria is producing millions of dollars out of ideas only, we would *love* to know what is it!

    Also, I appreciate your Napoleon Hill's quotation!

    "Idea --> Team-->Share ambitions --> work on the idea -->Business plan--> fix any problem found--> launch your business with less money!" This sums it all :)

    Waiting impatiently for your tomorrow review ;)