Saturday, October 2, 2010

Learn or play Domino

While watching this video, I had a bitter giggling passing my throat like a cutting knife. We see how brits (and many western countries) encourage learning by providing high-quality seminars for free. While in the other side (Algeria’s side), things are completely different. When you take profit out of your idle time, you’re looked upon as a jerk or nerd showing off. I have always my backpack on me, and I’ve at least 2 or three booklets to read while being on the bus or in the taxi. At first-5 years ago-, I was kinda shy to bring out my book in a public transportation mean (‘cause nobody does and afraid to be pointed at), then got used to it. And I can say that I could read a book and 2 scientific or Aircrafts’ magazines every week, and only while being on the trolley (I always spend more 30 minutes per day only to get to the college, not counting other short trips). You can find people playing the damned Dominos until the dawn unveils the thick layer of darkness off the sky’s face, but no books’ club ever exists to not say “stays open ‘till late hour”! You can find people staring at each other or looking through the bus’ windows for hours and no one holding a book (one can finish reading the whole Quran in 2 weeks at maximum only in the bus). What bewildered me always is, when one gets on Students’ bus –Also known by: C.O.U.S. – one can hardly spot 1 or 2 students holding something to read, and if so, it’s rare to see someone reading something useful-boys usually read football newspapers and girls read, mostly, harlequins (they are usually a super fictional romantic stories and Allah knows what would she imagine while reading such dead-end literature in a bus full of guys)- . If this is the case of what should be the “Elite”, laymen are not to blame. As the Arabic common saying goes:
إذا كان ربّ البيت للدفّ ضاربا فلا تلومنّ الأطفال إذا رقصوا


  1. Malheureusement c'est ça l'état des lieux ... mais bon, ceci n'est que le résultat des années d'avant, où ni l'école, ni la famille et ni la mosquée n'ont joué leurs rôles.

    On aura toujours besoin d'une élite, mais clairement ça ne sera pas celle des universitaires / futurs cadres !

  2. Firstly, i want to congratulate you for your concerns about algerian society or moreover Islamic one;
    But I believe in one thing, peolpe don't change or metamorphose overnight; they need time especially if this kind of thought has become a lifestyle for them, so what makes people different is the little details that almost everyone who succeed in his life forgets about them.

    My point is that we must share our experience with our entourage, and try to make them believe that changing needs either time or hardwork, it doesn't come and knock on your door and beg you "PLEASE,ACCEPT THIS CHANGE AND YOUR LIFE WILL BE BETTER"

  3. If you read a book or carry it with you to read it in the bus or at a public place everyone will be looking at you as if you are some kind of freak while everyone else is the real freaks and ignorants.. and that mentality of ours won't take us anywhere far from where we are in already

  4. I think that we, third world countries, and especially Arab ones, have, and constantly over ages, the need of the WHITE MAN, THE SUPERIOR RACE, over our heads to keep us in the order! We've never succeeded to command ourselves by ourselves... We've got the vital addiction to get shaken up to react... It excites us!

    We're just a flock of sheep running to nowhere... ignorants, bare, not aware... we pollute the air, and we don't care... we dare to pretend that the life is unfair, that our place is elsewhere...