Tuesday, September 7, 2010

بلاد الفريت أومليت و الشوا تاع لحم الحمير


Al Salam Alaykom wa Rahmatu Allah wa baraqatuhu,
He who goes outside in Ramadan’s nights notices a thick hazy curtain of barbecues’ smoke all over the streets. One cannot turn his head without spotting one or two barbecue tables in one’s sight field, and as we say:
“between a table and a table, there’s another table”.  :p
I read a very funny article yesterday entitled:
”A chopped off donkey’s head found in Khenchla and local folks accuse barbecues owners”
(The original article above appeared in Echorouk newspaper N°3046, page7).
People got doubtful when they noticed the low prices of these grills meat (10 or 15 dinars instead of 30 dinars in restaurants), but the funniest part lies in the thinking way of these chaps. They do think that a fresh donkey’s meat is worse than an ovine meat – We know, it’s a sensible kind of food- kept in plastic boxes for many hours (from 8 p.m. till 3 a.m. or more) without any cooling or conserving it in suitable conditions (we know that heat exceeded 40° in many regions days ago). You find people eating that flesh like zombies, not knowing that one might get killed. Ok, I retire my words, the crowds aren’t conscious enough, and not all people know what’s good and bad for them, so my question: Where the hell are authorities?! ! When they wanted to manage the tobacco traffic, they wiped all the tobacco tables off the public thoroughfares. One can barely find one, and it’s a, relatively, good thing. The less vicious substances circulate in the streets, the better it is. But, come on! These grill tables sell diseases and death in greater concentration. A Cigarette box never kills in the first time; it takes years or decades to screw one’s health completely. But, these poisonous meats held in totally unhealthy conditions can kill in no time, a night, for instance! Do we need to be a witness to a catastrophe or multiple death cases caused by this thing to act?! Hence, I, from here, call local authorities to take severe measurements towards this phenomenon.

Saha Ftourkoum and Al Salam Alaykom wa Rahmatu Allah,

P.S. if you read this, I want you to answer my question honestly: Did you ever eat at one of these tables?


  1. Yes I did and it was an infection! In my childhood I've even found a cockroach in my sandwich!

    The last fashion phenomenon is to sprinkle rotten meat with a special powder from the morgue.

    PS: Donkey's meat is permitted in Tunisia.

  2. Why the hell do we always blame the authorities? The ignorants insatiable citizens are the ONLY responsible of what they put in their big stinking mouths! NOBODY obliges ANYBODY to eat rubber poisoned sandwiches...

    Answering to your question, I've never eaten at one of this tables Zoubir, and, believe me, there are hundreds in the "600 b*tch streets !

    Believe me, DONKEYS deserve RESPECT!