Monday, October 12, 2009

Man with a bat tries to rob a store in NY, but he changed his mind.......

While watching this very video, a myriad of thoughts and ideas flooded and overwhelmed my brains dam. Islam doesn’t need big words or long discussions to unveil its greatness, sometimes a simple honest kind word or action saves lots of speeches. This man for example, with his modest knowledge about Islam did what maybe tens of our imams didn’t.
I remember when I watched in Al-Jazeera a show about Muslims in Malaysia and how do they behave. I was astonished by the answer of one of the folks out there. He said: “we don’t know Islam as much as Arabs do, but we apply what we do know”! I halted, and said to myself, how many Islamic books have I read before –Hundreds since I passed from the illiterates to literates’ zone- and didn’t apply what were in? I guess it won’t surpass a 1/10 at the best. This is our problem as Arab Muslims, we are just like the cock that knows the prayers’ time and doesn’t pray…


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  2. this is incredible..i really like it...and u r right...a lot of "so called Muslim" don't know a lot about their religion !..i'll share this post !

  3. i think the solution is to learn more about our Islam by making more '3ibadat' then the simple honest kind word or action that you talk about it came spontaneously.